Upon first examination, real estate agents and property managers would seem to be ideally suited to moving between each others’ worlds.

Both professions are dedicated to helping people find a place to live.

Both require intimate knowledge of local neighborhoods, local property laws and local trends.

Both professions are very much at the mercy of a volatile United States housing market.

It is that volatile housing market that has caused many real estate agents to lay down their arms and seek a steadier income.

With it’s steady salary and skills common to real estate, property management is an attractive lateral move for real estate agents.

But agents don’t have to leave real estate to participate in property management.

By partnering with a company like Optimize Place, we can work together to find ways to bring you new home buyers, while you bring to us homeowners who want to maximize the value of their home for either rental potential or resale.

In a highly sought after market like Denver, this kind of collaboration can be highly successful.

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